ASOCS launches CYRUS® 2.0, an all-software 4G & 5G virtual RAN solution, the first to support O-RAN 7.2 fronthaul interface

ASOCS launches CYRUS® 2.0, an all-software 4G & 5G virtual RAN solution, the first to support O-RAN 7.2 fronthaul interface

CYRUS® 2.0’s launch is scheduled for MWC Los Angeles – October 22-24, 2019
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October 16th, 2019 – Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel – ASOCS Ltd.., a leading provider of virtual Radio Access Networks (RAN) solutions, will be launching and demonstrating CYRUS 2.0, the company’s newest, highly promising 4G & 5G virtual RAN solution, at MWC Los Angeles next week.

CYRUS 2.0 is a fully virtualized RAN solution, delivering 4G & 5G cellular connectivity in a single software stack. CYURS 2.0 is the first commercial-grade solution to fully support the O-RAN 7.2 fronthaul interface. As such, it can connect to any O-RAN 7.2 compliant radio to deliver cellular connectivity across various use cases in both LAN and WAN deployment scenarios.

Fully virtualized across all layers, CYRUS 2.0 can run on any standard server or uCPE. This gives customers the ability to run multiple applications on a unified, lightweight platform. Customers can also choose whether to bring their own hardware, significantly reducing costs and time to market, or enjoy an end-to-end solution with radios, servers, and all other hardware included, configured and validated.

Interoperable with VMware’s vCloud NFV platform, CYRUS 2.0 was designed with mobile operators and their enterprise customers in mind, with the goal of delivering seamless, pain-free 4G & 5G cellular connectivity and hosting multiple services both on-prem and on the edge.

CYRUS 2.0 offers many benefits, in different use cases. CYRUS 2.0 for LAN, for example, allows mobile operators and their enterprise customers to achieve new levels of performance, reliability, and ultra-low latency for delivering mission-critical tasks and localized private networks. It also allows them to gain enhanced security and detailed insights and analytics around mobile usage.

“We are thrilled to be launching CYRUS 2.0 at MWC Los Angeles this year,” said Gilad Garon, ASOCS’ CEO. “It’s high time mobile operators and their enterprise customers have an easy, fast way to leverage and get more out of their existing hardware, while enjoying superb 4G & 5G networks that include network slicing capabilities, comprehensive insights on network usage and new levels of control and flexibility, all in a single software stack. As we plan to deliver our solution using flexible and innovative business models, we believe this is a real turning point for our industry.”

Ed Gubbins, Principal Analyst at GlobalData, notes the disruptive nature of the solution: “Open RAN and network virtualization are mutual accelerators, ushering in a new era of agility and service flexibility,” said Ed Gubbins, Principal Analyst at GlobalData. “CYRUS 2.0’s timely support of the O-RAN 7.2 fronthaul interface makes it well-positioned to harness these disruptive forces and transform enterprise mobile networks.”

“We are pleased to be working with ASOCS,” said Gabriele Di Piazza, vice president, Solutions, Telco & Edge Business Unit, VMware. “As CYRUS 2.0 is interoperable with the vCloud NFV platform, the solution is easily upgradable, scalable and flexible, allowing mobile operators and enterprise customers to prepare for both now and the future, while accelerating deployments.”

ASOCS will be conducting private, pre-scheduled demos of CYRUS 2.0 to showcase its unique and innovative capabilities. Be sure to schedule your private demo by emailing us at:

ASOCS is disrupting the traditional RAN market with an open and virtualized software solution, delivering 4G and 5G for both LAN and WAN cellular network solutions.
Our on-premise mobile clouds are delivered on commercial off-the-shelf IT hardware and O-RAN compliant radios, which allow operatorsand their customers to benefit fromnew levels of performance and reliability for delivering mission-critical tasks and localized private networks. It also provides enhanced insights and analytics about mobile usage.
Privately-held ASOCS serves carriers, tower companies, and enterprises in the retail, real estate, corporate offices, hospitality, hospitals and sports and entertainment markets, and has offices in Israel and the United States.

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