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Seriously, it’s a full fledged 5G NR standalone network, complete with devices that can fit on a desk. All you have to do is plug it in and turn it on.

5G SA Private Network Evaluation Kit

ASOCS is disrupting the industrial network connectivity market with an open and virtualized software solution that delivers 5G private mobile network solutions in a single software stack.

Why are industrial organizations racing to test 5G?

Industrial organizations are moving full steam ahead towards industry 4.0. The combination of AI and machine learning, automation, VR/AR and connectivity are expected to deliver a large competitive advantage to those who understand how to harness Industry 4.0.

5G private networks are expected to be a key enabler of the ‘factory of the future’ vision, with it’s high capacity, low latency, support for massive numbers of devices and IT-like flexibility.

Industrial enterprises can get a head start and experience the technology and the use cases as early as possible. However, getting all the elements of a new technology to work together is always a challenge.

That’s why ASOCS created the 5G SA Evaluation Kit. It is a complete 5G private network in a box, fully configured, complete with devices and everything you need.

With no dependency on external operators and no need for complex integrations and configuration, industrial enterprises can start testing 5G immediately.


5G Standalone – all the benefits, without the baggage.

5G comes in two flavors: Standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA).

To allow for simpler and more gradual wide-area 5G rollouts, an interim version of 5G networks was defined – 5G non-standalone. In 5G NSA, 5G devices and 5G radio use 5G frequencies to connect to a 4G of EPC core network.

But calling 5G NSA a 5G solution is somewhat misleading, as many of the core benefits of a 5G system have to do with the New Generation Core (NGC). Without it, 5G NSA is just a faster 4G network.

What you get with 5G NSA: What you get with 5G SA:
High capacity High capacity
Fast throughput Fast throughput
Low-latency communication
Device density
New cloud native, flexible core

So why even consider 5G NSA?

5G NSA was planned with operators in mind, and designed to lower the rollout costs for consumer 5G services.

For enterprises, 5G NSA only makes (some) sense if there already is an LTE private network in place, since you only have to add 5G radio. That’s what it was designed for. But even then it doesn’t really make sense for industrial manufacturing plants since most relevant use cases require the 5G network core.

For enterprises that do not have a private LTE network, it makes no sense whatsoever. A NSA 5G network requires an LTE network (core + radio) + 5G radio. That means installing an entire LTE network only to throw it out later.


5G device availability

We hear some concern from enterprises regarding the availability of 5G SA devices. While at a certain point there was a lag in the number and variety of devices, at the moment the amount of modules, CPE’s and phones is growing daily.


ASOCS 5G SA Evaluation Kit

The evaluation kit allows you to start understanding 5G, how it operates and the relevant use cases. Work out your needs, requirements and issues in advance and be better prepared for a full deployment.


What’s in the box?

The evaluation kit is a fully operational network, with all the 5G functionality, but on a small scale. All you have to do is connect it to a power outlet and flip the switch.

The kit contains all the software and hardware elements needed to evaluate the system, from the NGC all the way to the SIM and end device. Everything you need is preinstalled and preconfigured, and fits in a desktop box.

The system is fully software based, and runs on standard servers. It interfaces with indoor Radio Units (RU) which are compliant with the ORAN-FH (split 7.2) interface.

Hardware included: Software included:
EVK Case 5G Core software
Servers 5G Access software (CU + DU)
Switch Radio software
Indoor NR radio unit CYRUS Management
PoE injector
SIM cards

All you need to get started

ASOCS provides remote theoretical as well as practical training. Our instructors connect to the same system as your team and walk you through the system.


Start your journey towards 5G for industry 4.0 today

We weren’t kidding; it really is a network in a box. You can start testing 5G immediately, no strings attached. You don’t even need to clear space in the datacenter.

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