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Keynote by Alon Arnon at Smart Factory League November 2021
By Nicc Lewis, Marketing Director, ASOCS


ASOCS is disrupting the industrial network connectivity market with an open and virtualized software solution that delivers 5G private mobile network solutions in a single software stack.


At the Smart Factory League event in Munich, November 2021, Alon Arnon, Country Manager Germany & VP sales for Strategic Accounts gave a well-received keynote discussing the fusion of Private 5G and Industry 4.0, and answered some key questions from the audience at the end.

We have split the session into two videos for convenience, with the keynote below and the Q & A at the lower down.

Highlights from the keynote

There has been a lot of hype and buzzwords bandied about regarding both 5G, including Private 5G Networks, and Industry 4.0 – in the keynote address Alon explains in simple terms how AI in smart manufacturing is enabled by the software capabilities of 5G and the implementation of Private 5G in a simple and secure manner for manufacturing.

The keynote focused on the practical implementation of real data as the core requirement for manufacturing to truly evolve. At the core is understanding real use cases rather than the underlying technology including Imaging, Mobility, and Sensors, and how these are connected to AI capabilities.
Other than efficiency and productivity, today we are seeing the capabilities of Imaging utilizing Private 5G to connect cameras to AI in order to improve the health and safety of employees.

A key success factor moving forward is aligning business needs with the technology in terms of SaaS style licensing business model, easy management of the Private 5G Network like any other IT systems, and the ability to download use cases from a global Marketplace saving time and money. Having a system that is modular, standardized, simple and hardware agnostic gives each business the ability to tailor a solution that suits them in a flexible and affordable manner.

Questions and Answers

At the end of the keynote, some interesting questions were raised by the audience showing both the interests and concerns by manufacturers regarding embracing 5G technology.

One common theme raised was regarding security both of the data and of IIoT from breaches or from external interference. Alon answered each of these in turn giving clarity on how Private 5G secures the network.

The other common theme was understanding the cloud and how the cloud is connected, where it is located, and how it is secured. Some common misconceptions and questions were answered including what is computing on the “Edge” and how your cloud can be on-premise.


The Smart Factory League event was unique and ASOCS learned a lot from the manufacturers themselves of where their concerns are and how they are moving forward in the Industry 4.0 revolution. What is clear is that use case-driven demands are pushing the need for Private 5G Networks as an enable for adding the power of AI to automation and safety in manufacturing worldwide.

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