Creating 5G-Powered Seamless Private-to-Public Networks

GSMA defines a private mobile network as “network infrastructure … used exclusively by devices authorized by the end user organization,” whereas public networks “provide wide area service supporting enterprise and consumer users.” Private networks offer independence and more control over security and deployment, while public networks give the most expansive coverage area with fast service enablement and low costs. However, it is possible to get the best of both worlds through a hybrid private and public cellular network.

In this webinar, you’ll see how software company ASOCS delivers 4G and 5G private mobile networks in a full IT infrastructure integration model with its open, software-based solution. We’ll review a complete 5G Standalone (SA) Evaluation Kit, leveraging Telit’s 5G data card technology, offering a fully operational 5G network in a box that allows enterprises to transition seamlessly from public to private 5G operations.

Join Telit and ASOCS to discuss hybrid private and public cellular networks and discover:

How hybrid public and private cellular networks work

The benefits hybrid networks can bring to your enterprise

How to get started building your hybrid network


Marco Contento, VP 5G Technologies, Telit
Gilad Garon, CEO, ASOCS

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