CYRUS® 1.0

For Neutral Host Providers

CYRUS® 1.0 displaces the fixed and costly traditional base stations used inside buildings today. It serves all carriers on a single, neutral-host platform, replacing a room full of equipment with a single rack.

What’s in it for me?

Maximum flexibility

Easily add capacity as consumption grows or
upgrade to 5G when needed

New bands? No problem

Adding bands to CYRUS 1.0 is a simple software
configuration change

The Sharing Economy

Enables several types of carrier-sharing methods
for significant cost savings

A full edge cloud platform

Host additional applications at the edge

Save space, power and cooling

CYRUS 1.0 replaces a room full of base station equipment with compact IT hardware that consumes a fraction of the space and power needed for traditional base stations


Key Features


Ease of Scale

Up to 100 sectors in a single IT rack


CRAN Support

Supports >20km distance


Single/Multi Operator

For no-strings attached decision making


5G NR-ready

Simple upgrade path


Remote management

The CYRUS 1.0 management system has standard-compliant interfaces for integration with the operators’ OSS


Edge Cloud

Host additional applications or offer private networks

Technical Specs

Based on standard IT hardware
Connects to any 3rd party Distributed Antenna System (DAS) or RRH
Multi-band, multi-operator support