For Industry 4.0

Run your high performance
private network on your
own terms

CYRUS 2.0® For Industry 4.0

Private 5G Networks for Industry 4.0
For the first time, wireless communications offer extreme capacity and speed with the high reliability and low latency that until now were only possible with wireline. In other words: real-time, wireless, remote interaction with hundreds and thousands of machines and sensors is finally within your reach – with CYRUS®.

What’s in it for Industry 4.0?

The network you need

High performance, high speed, high device density, low latency, elevated security, traffic prioritization, network analytics – the infrastructure you need for the factory of the future

Complete flexibility

We support an Infrastructure-as-a-service business model, so you can enjoy complete control, flexibility and scalability

WiFi-like installation – it’s that easy

Install your cellular network as easily as other organizational IT systems – upgrade, scale up and make changes as needed


Key Features


Supports 5G Standalone (SA)

Only a Standalone 5G network can take full advantage of all the advancements 5G has to offer, don’t settle for
“Almost 5G”


End-to-end network with a unified management tool

Powerful and intuitive single-to-multi-site management via the cloud. For site configuration, performance monitoring, fault management, and life cycle management of all network elements – from core to radios


A pure software solution

Choose your own hardware, customize the network to fit your unique requirements. Easily scale the system like a classical Virtual Network Function (VNF) – in this case only requiring more cores.

Technical Specs

Based on standard IT hardware (e.g., CPE, COTS)
Leverage ethernet cables as fronthaul
Radios utilize Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Customer Story

ASOCS Delivers First commercial 5G Standalone Private Network for Industry 4.0 in Taiwan

“Previously, due to the network limitations, production machines were connected to a local computer to perform AI functions. After deploying a private 5G network provided by ASOCS and Affirmed Networks, we were able to link the production machines to a central server with more data and AI training. As a result, the production line straight-through rate (FPY, First Pass Yield) rose from 70% to over 85%”.

Dr. Albert Chen, Inventec SVP and project lead