Hermes NGP

Positioning services for
indoor and campus use

Private 5G Positioning Services

Utilizing the power of AI and Private 5G, location services become Positioning Services on a cloud-based software platform, enabling the positioning of assets both indoors and over your campus with high levels of reliability and accuracy.

What’s in it for Enterprises?

Positioning not location

Positioning services offer live location and tracking of assets connected to your Private 5G Network anywhere you have coverage


As a cloud-based software as a service, you can easily scale as your needs change.

Simple to start

Based on your Private 5G Network coverage, adding Positioning Services is as simple as adding any other Edge Application


Key Features


AI + Private 5G

Hermes NGP is a software solution utilizing true AI based on your Private 5G Network coverage and connected assets


Indoor & Outdoor on a single network

Coverage of a single network means no handovers between zones and seamless coverage of both indoor and outdoor


Reliability & Accuracy

More accurate than traditional GPS with indoor coverage all run on the reliability of Private 5G

Technical Specs

Based on standard IT hardware (e.g., CPE, COTS)
Leverage ethernet cables as fronthaul
Radios utilize Power over Ethernet (PoE)