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This is the first software-only 5G SA network based on industry licensed spectrum, used in a live smart-manufacturing production line, and driving Industry 4.0 benefits.

October 21, Rosh Haayin – Taiwanese industrial manufacturer Inventec (also known as Inventec Data Center Solutions), ASOCS, Affirmed Networks and Wave-in Communication today announced the first fully-virtualized 5G standalone network used in commercial industrial manufacturing. The 5G private network uses industry spectrum and is deployed in Inventec’s Taoyuan Guishan plant as part of its Smart Manufacturing initiative. The goal of the project is to introduce automation and intelligence to the production line. It is the first 5G network to be used in an active Industry 4.0 production line, enabling smart manufacturing benefits.

“The 5G network installed at Inventec Taoyuan is only the first stage of a 5G private network application in our smart factory project leading towards Industry 4.0,” says Dr. Albert Chen, Inventec SVP and project lead. “Our goal is to significantly improve our factory efficiency and reduce manpower by implementing AI-based AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) in the assembly line. Previously, due to the network limitations, production machines were connected to a local computer to perform AI functions. After deploying a private 5G network provided by ASOCS and Affirmed Networks, we were able to link the production machines to a central server with more data and AI training. As a result, the production line straight-through rate (FPY, First Pass Yield) rose from 70% to over 85%. We already have plans to connect more devices to the 5G network in the smart factory, including an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) that autonomously moves and transports materials, and automated server product testing.”

The 5G Standalone network was deployed by system integrator Wave-in on government-allocated industry spectrum. “We sought a commercial software-based solution that would allow us to run the entire network on Inventec servers,” said Jay Huang, CEO and founder of Wave-in. “Leveraging our expertise in the telecommunication industry, we are currently involved in numerous other 5G private network projects in Taiwan, and after a thorough analysis of possible vendors we selected Affirmed Networks for the 5G Network Core and ASOCS for the 5G RAN. These open, best-of-breed solutions offer straightforward integration and work seamlessly on standard servers without requiring hardware acceleration. ASOCS and Affirmed Networks were also the first to be ready with interoperability with commercial end devices.”

“We’re very excited to be a part of Inventec’s successful deployment of Taiwan’s first 5G standalone network for Industry 4.0 applications, through our partnership with ASOCS’ innovative 5G RAN solutions and Wave-In’s highly skilled integrations team” said Sanjay Mewada, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Affirmed Networks. “Smart manufacturing processes depend on high-capacity, secure, and dynamic 5G networks that can provide always-on connectivity for automated systems and robotics. Affirmed’s commitment to building the best cloud-native ‘Any G’ mobile core is reflected in Inventec’s selection of our technology as the infrastructure behind this cutting edge 5G initiative for Industry 4.0 applications.

“We are proud to be a part of this groundbreaking 5G SA deployment” says Gilad Garon, ASOCS CEO. “While much of the industry is still busy with proof-of-concepts in isolated test environments or limited scale trials, we and our partners are focused on creating immediate and tangible value with live 5G SA private networks. There were numerous world-firsts in this project and we had to overcome significant obstacles, however together with a great team from Affirmed Networks, Wave-In and Inventec, we were able to address them and prove the value of 5G and its critical role in the factory of the future. The questions we and the industry had about use cases, value, and feasibility of multi-vendor, software-based networks have been answered.” Garon further notes that “deploying and tuning a 5G network under the challenges of COVID-19 forced us to work remotely, a constraint which demonstrated  both the critical importance of a System Integrator such as Wave-In, and the operational advantages of a cloud-based solution.“


ASOCS is disrupting the industrial network connectivity market with an open and virtualized software solution that delivers 4G and 5G private mobile network solutions in a single software stack. Our on-premise mobile cloud is a truly open solution that allows industrial enterprises to run their networks on their own terms using standard hardware, just as they do with their IT infrastructure. It enables industrial enterprises to easily implement 5G private networks with Time Sensitive Networking (TSN), high network reliability, low latency, and speed, making it

ideal for Industry 4.0 applications.

About Affirmed Networks

Affirmed Networks was founded to transform the future of the mobile industry. Our vEPC and cloud-based solutions are enabling Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to change the economics of deploying and scaling networks. CSPs have deployed Affirmed’s NFV solutions to deliver differentiated 5G services, including mobile broadband, IoT, carrier-grade Wi-Fi roaming, connected cars and more. Proven in more than 100+ networks and over 80 countries, our NFV solutions are deployed in the world’s largest networks. Affirmed Networks was acquired by Microsoft in April 2020. For more information, please visit

About Inventec & Inventec Data Center Solutions

Incorporated in 1975, Inventec has evolved from a manufacturer of calculators and telephones, to a leading original design manufacturer of laptops, servers and wireless communication products.

In the 5G era, Inventec is expanding its horizon to 5G private network and system integration, transforming its own world-class manufacturing sites to 5G smart factories.

Inventec Data Center solutions are delivered by Inventec Enterprise Business Group (EBG), focusing on providing the best solutions for compute intensive industries in mega data centers, including internet and telecom operators. Since its inception in 1998, the advancing server hardware design and manufacturing capabilities have been trusted by customers such as the world’s leading server brands, hyperscale data centers and server hardware integrators.

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About Wave-in Communication

Wave-In Communication is a global solution provider for NFV, big data analytics, indoor coverage, and IoT, with a forte in 5G services and solutions. Founded in 2014, Wave-In Communication recognizes the needs and pain-points of network operations and has the expertise and industry-leading technologies to provide custom-tailored services and innovative solutions for system integrations. With more than a dozen 5G private network projects in Taiwan, Wave-In Communication has matured to be the one of the leading 5G integrators in the industry, building its clients 5G solutions designed to create impactful results.

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