Enterprise Private Networks

Private 5G Networks are the answer to booming enterprise connectivity needs

The demand for reliable connectivity that provides near-zero latency and can be trusted to support mission-critical tasks is exponentially growing in today’s business environment. Sensors, IoT, virtual reality apps, telemedicine, ‘regular’ human communications and more are all growing in volume. This leads many enterprises to consider building their own 5G private networks.

This can happen either by operators offering private networks on top of their own, already licensed spectrum or by enterprises setting up their own private networks using open, shared, governments-assigned, regulated spectrum.



A common misconception of private 5G networks is the perceived complexity of setting up and operating a wireless network.

With ASOCS’ private networks solution, this obstacle is fully removed by letting enterprises set up their own private network on whichever hardware they decide, using a single software stack. Run cloud-based wireless networks just like any IT service.