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Facilitating the world’s transition into 5G-based communications

ASOCS is empowering industrial enterprises to connect their production lines to edge applications by providing them with a cloud-based private 5G network and a scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

CYRUS® 5G software by ASOCS enables enterprises to run their networks on their own terms using standard hardware, just as they do with their IT infrastructure. ASOCS enables companies to easily implement private 5G networks and benefit from high network reliability, enhanced security, and low latency.

ASOCS believes that use cases are the primary concerns for companies and that technology is the enabler of the use cases such as: video and imaging AI processing, autonomous vehicle mobility, synchronized production line robotic, and real-time big data analysis. As a cloud-based software solution, CYRUS® 5G software is focused on supporting real use cases in the most efficient and effective manner. CYRUS® can be deployed from a Market Place and connects companies to a global community of open uses cases saving time and money in implementing and enhancing Industry 4.0 – Smart Manufacturing and AI computation.

5G is becoming the go-to technology for private networks, with enterprises, manufacturers, and system integrators implementing Private 5G in their facilities as the most efficient, manageable, and reliable method for transferring data from multiple simultaneously connected devices to and from the edge.

ASOCS Global Team

  • Gilad Garon
    Gilad Garon CEO
  • Gaby Guri
    Gaby Guri CTO
  • Ofer Shaharabani
    Ofer Shaharabani CFO
  • Shahar Haroush
    Shahar Haroush COO
  • Reli Stiller
    Reli Stiller VP Human Resources
  • Ofer Rotschield
    Ofer Rotschield VP R&D
  • Nicc Lewis
    Nicc Lewis VP Marketing
  • Vitaly Lutsky
    Vitaly Lutsky VP Technology
Len Schuch

GM, 5G Positioning Services

Dror Erez

VP Pre-sales &
Customer Success

Sharon Yehezkel

VP Global Delivery

Dongwon Cho

South Korea Country

Toru Sekiguchi

Japan Country

Alon Aron

VP Strategic Accounts & Germany Country Manager

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