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ASOCS Senior Advisors Announced in Japan

February 8th, 2023, Rosh Ha’ayin Israel, and Tokyo Japan. Following the announcement of certification of ASOCS O-RAN radio units, today ASOCS announces that two senior industry veterans have joined ASOCS as Senior Advisors as ASOCS looks to further focus on the Smart Manufacturing industry and in particular enable stable communications for Industrial Robotics.

Mr. Taro Izawa joins the ASOCS team in Japan after two decades of seniority at Toppan Inc, and Mr. Taro Kamagata arrives with senior experience at Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

Both bring more than two decades of Manufacturing experience and Taro Izawa has served Japan Automatic Identification System Association (JAISA) as the Chairman and Taro Kamagata has served the Japan Information Technology Services Industry Association (JISA) as Executive Board Member. Mr. Izawa and Mr. Kamagata are set to advise ASOCS on the key needs to meet market demands and open conversations with the manufacturers themselves.

Mr. Izawa commented, “I am excited to join ASOCS at this point in time. The need for Local 5G (also known as L5G and Private 5G) in furthering smart manufacturing has come to maturation and ASOCS O-RAN solution is suited both to the needs of Industry 4.0 and due to its inherent openness meeting delivery demands of the system during a period where global supply chain issues have led other network solutions to suffer from long delivery times.”

Mr. Kamagata also commented on joining ASOCS by saying: “I believe that the implementation of Local 5G networks will enable the introduction and advanced operations of a wider variety of industrial robotics and AI. Local 5G will greatly improve the productivity of the manufacturing and logistics industries in Japan. ASOCS’s solutions are highly flexible and cost-effective, and I’m confident that they will greatly contribute to promoting the introduction of L5G in Japan.”

“We are delighted to welcome Mr. Izawa and Mr. Kamagata to ASOCS,” said Gilad Garon, ASOCS CEO. “Having two Senior Advisors of their caliber is not only a huge coup but also a clear show of intention on how seriously ASOCS intentions are in cementing our foothold in Japan as a core market. We welcome them both and look forward to an exciting journey together.”


ASOCS is empowering industrial enterprises to connect their production lines to edge applications by providing them with a cloud-based private 5G network and a scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

CYRUS® 5G software by ASOCS enables enterprises to run their networks on their own terms using standard hardware, just as they do with their IT infrastructure. ASOCS enables companies to easily implement private 5G networks and benefit from high network reliability, enhanced security, and low latency.





ASOCS Ltd. (本社: イスラエル、CEO: Gilad Garon、以下: ASOCS) は、O-RAN準拠ローカル5G基地局の工事設計認証取得に続き、スマート製造業界、特に産業用ロボットの安定通信を支える上で、同業界で経験豊富な2名の上級顧問が就任したことをお知らせいたします。


伊沢氏は一般社団法人日本自動認識システム協会 (JAISA) の会長、鎌形氏は一般社団法人情報サービス産業協会 (JISA) の理事を務める等、多岐にわたる重要な役職を歴任、それぞれ20年以上に及ぶ業界での豊富な経験を有しております。伊沢氏と鎌形氏は、ASOCSが市場の要求に応じる上での主要なニーズについての助言を行うと共に、製造業各社とも対話を開始する予定です。



ASOCSのCEOであるGilad Garonは「伊沢氏と鎌形氏をASOCSに迎えることを大変嬉しく思います」とコメントしています。また、「二人の大変優秀な上級顧問を迎えることは、素晴らしい出来事であると同時に、ASOCSがいかに真剣に中核市場である日本で礎を築こうとしているかを示すものです。我々は二人を歓迎し、共にエキサイティングな旅をすることを楽しみにしております。」ともコメントしております。






ASOCS CYRUS® 5Gソフトウェアにより、エンタープライズはITインフラストラクチャと同様に、標準的なハードウェアを使用して独自仕様のネットワーク構築が可能となります。ASOCSは、エンタープライズがプライベート5Gネットワークを容易に構築できることに加えて、高いネットワークの信頼性と安全性、そして超低遅延の恩恵を受けることを可能にします。